Marmara Group Magazine April 2020

The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy

The COVID-19 pandemic is a global emergency that is unprecedented in modern history. As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases and states and countries lock down large gatherings or shops to promote social distancing, these uncertainties are driving the panic and stress among people.

For many, staying indoors to minimize the health threat means living life with less mental and physical stimulation. That's why is so important to while we are stuck at home during the pandemic we can do various activities. The entire economic system is changing right now. Dogmas fall, narratives shift. Leaders are looking for solutions. Just not to keep our brain sharp, but to create something valuable for all populations is really a big challenge most of the leaders to think about in these days.

The most important is, that nothing will be the same as it was before this pandemic.

In the times of staying at home, I have asked myself a lot ? is this a tim e for reevaluating?

Thinking about how we used to live and how we can live in the future. The humanity is being tested right now and I hope we walk out as winners, with news beliefs and values.

I have been thinking about these questions:

  • In the future, will we still be so strict to ourselves, that we only find time to work ? the thing we believe is our core values?
  • Will the shops still be open at any tim e so we can get anything we need
    at alm ost any given tim e?
  • Can we have a 6 hour working day?
  • Inside the walls, that we currently work, will we be able to find balance
    and understanding of all, with whom we live and deepen the
    relationships?  Or will we destroy them because we lack empathy?
  • Will we realise we have a bunch of things we don't even need and we'll think through our next shopping list?
  • Will we find more time for each other? Not just promising it.
  • Will we build cooperation with honesty or not?
  • Will we have more will to listen to the suggestions that we previously just declined because we weren't in the mood?
  • Will we keep exploiting the nature or build a sustainable practices?
  • Will we be able to say no or at least work on it?This is just a part of what I 've been thinking about, because questions keep arising. I know, we can
    make it through this together. Now is not the time to step apart, but it's time to step together and start to create a better world.

    I hope you all will be among us.


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