An Owner, Founder and Director of Life Learning Academia.

Marjetka Kastner is an inventor of the method of work called Learning Brand. With this method organisations can transform themselves to produce success.

Every year organisations implement one of the ‘Learning Brand’ processes to upgrade their operations. After improving all of these processes organisations will know how to manage better the acquired knowledge of their own employees and have better business results.

A Learning Organization Learning Brand is an organization that profits from the potential of its employees and creates a working environment, where it’s employees can develop personally and professionally.



The history of Marjetka dates back to the summer of 1983, when a young Marjetka, as part of the HR managers Group started to work in Telekom organisation. She’s be committed all the time to the purpose – develop the people and change the clima/energy inside the organisation.
Marjetka first started training and certifying organisations in the Learning Brand®Methodology as far back as 2008. Since then hundreds of companies and individuals have been trained and certified in the Learning Brand® Methodology establishing thriving franchise branches around the world.
Over the past decade the Life Learning Academia has emerged from a one-man operation into a multinational service organization.

Marjetka has written 4 books. Most of them have been translated in English language.
In 2016 she was recognized with the Social responsibility Achievement Award from the IRDO Institute and award for the project "Let’s talk while walk” by Development Agency Savinja.


Dunajska106C, Ljubljana


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