I am the founder and Director of Life Learning Academia, where processes for Learning Organizations are being developed.

I am a passionate connector for HR developers and have great experiences and deep knowledge and skills in Learning organisation processes. The goal is to help make lasting, meaningful, positive change across any organization. 

My Mission is Connecting the best individuals around the globe to help employees in their personal and professional growth.
My daily work is committed to Life Learning Academia, which I founded over 10 years ago.


Grow your business with us.


that the purpose of create environment to allow employees personal and professional growth is to help leaders make better results than they would on their own.


on changing the environment; which unleashes the talents and productivity of people.


an individuals journey to be a dominant competitor and enjoy market leading customer demand, growth, profitability, and financial strength.


I claim

 People are the heart of the organisation

 More competent and skilled than they are, more
success the organisation has

In just 10 years we connected around the world

  more than 30 countries

  more than 200 organisations

 more than 10.000 individuals


Our Mission is
Connecting The World!


Get to know me better

1. Workshops

I am offer a series of workshops to help employees leaders and organizations activate and upgrade their potential. 

  • Proces komunikacije v organizaciji /Process of communication in organisation
  • Učeča se organizacija in njene prednosti/Learning Organisation-Learning Brand (how the leaders in organizations need to think, act and communicate)
  • Neverbalna komunikacija/Nonverbal communication
  • Bonton in protokol / Etiquette and Protocol

2. Counseling

  • svetovalka za razvoj kadrov/ HR consultant
  • svetovalka in razvijalka procesov v organizaciji/ consultant and process developer in the organization
  • priprava strategij za izobraževanje/ preparation of strategies for education
  • oblikovalka učnih programov/ curriculum designer 
  • vavčersko svetovanje/ voucher consulting
  • Izvajanje tržnih raziskav/ Conducting market research

3. Organiser

  • organizator strokovnih ekskurzij/ organizer of professional excursions
  • organizator poslovnih delegacij/ organizer of business delegations
  • organizator dogodkov/organiser of  events  (Congresses, Roundtables, Conferences, business meetings)

4. Book writer

  • Brez zadreg/Without Embarissment
  • Učeče se organizacije
  • Mentorstvo v organizacijah
  • Kaj moramo vedeti o mentorjih in mentorskih programih


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